JML Coffee Action Foundation

At JML Coffee, we believe in making an impact in the world. That is why, for each sale we make, 1% of our earnings are put aside for the JML Coffee Action Foundation. Our customers can also make an optional contribution to the foundation when checking out, selecting from either a percentage or a custom amount. The goal of our foundation is to provide relief for individuals, businesses and communities in need. Through our foundation, we are hoping to make a difference in people’s lives, from building stronger local communities to helping struggling entrepreneurs make their dreams come true.

Let's Take Action with JML Coffee Action Foundation

Our foundation is to respond to these specific situations. Our foundation gives to individuals facing extreme economic difficulties, provides support to struggling small businesses and enables community projects to help local neighborhoods grow and thrive.

When you choose to make an optional donation at checkout, your contribution goes towards directly making a difference in someone's life. Whether it’s offering support to local communities in need or providing financial assistance to small business owners and entrepreneurs, our foundation puts the power in your hands to make a difference.

As a company, we are also proud of our foundation. Celebrating our impact through social media, blog posts, and special initiatives is an important way for us to let our customers know about the amazing causes that we support.

Ultimately, it’s not just about how much we’ve raised, but about how much impact we will make in people’s lives and the positive changes in the communities that we serve.

At JML Coffee, our mission is to help others and communities through our foundation. Let's make a difference together and take action now!

Funds Transparency

1% of each sale really adds up when the sales volume is high. The other factor is contributions to this fund. To help transparency and state of the fund we provided the following chart. Help us raise money and sales by buying our coffee.

Actions Funds Goal Actions Funds Available Actions Funds Spent
March $0 $0.26 $0
April $5.00 $37.00 $37.00
May $50 $1.00 $0
June $50 $1.50 $0
July $50 $5.23 $0
August $50 $12.46 $0