Jeannie's Statement that she is hungry.

Battling Hunger for Jeannie

We are pleased to announce a new series of blog posts sharing our excitement for helping others and how you are helping others. Each time you make a purchase from JML Coffee you are helping someone, a business, and community. We want you to be proud of knowing how your money is being used.

Today we are taking action to battle the feeling of hunger starting with one person next it could be millions one day. We were looking for ways to get the ball rolling and we received news that someone close to us was struggling with hunger. It was a shock to see her say "I'm Hungry" on her Facebook post.

About Jeannie

Jeannie is 60 years old, a mother of one grown daughter. She grew up in Detroit, Michigan. She moved to San Antonio, Texas. Where she lived with her mother for years eventually, she was taking care of her mother. When her mother passed, she found herself struggling to pay the bills as she lost her mom's income. She eventually could not afford her home causing her to be homeless for a while. She is the type of person that wants to work and just got a work at home position just recent. She shared with us that she was struggling to find work for various reasons like her age.

Her determination is one of the key things we look for in the people we help. We want to set people up for success and if they are not determined to help themselves if they do not their situation will not change.

What are we doing for Jeannie?

Since our economic situation of JML Coffee's Actions Fund we are trying everything in our power to help her. We have set aside our entire fund for her for a while until our fund grows to the point it could help other people. We ask you to keep that in mind when you purchase JML Coffee. Our founder has setup a Go Fund Me page for her just so she can have a bit of food for a month and maybe more if we beat our goal of $700 USD.

How you can get involved

The first thing you can do is purchase from JML Coffee. The other is donate on Go Fund Me to make a impact on her life.

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